What is Bloody Big Brunch?

Bloody Big Brunch is a bloody novel way to address period poverty; we travel the UK hosting brunches, giving away Bloody Marys for free. There’s just one string attached. You need to pay with period products.

We’ll then donate all proceeds to a range of organisations across the country including The Red Box Project, Bloody Good Period, Girlguiding Scotland, YWCA and Freedom4Girls.


What’s happening on 3rd March?

On 3rd March, we’re putting on our biggest show yet - by asking people to host their own Bloody Big Brunch. Sign up here, invite your friends, host a banging brunch, fire up the bloody marys, and get your friends to donate.

Interested? Find out more about what you need to do.


What if I can’t host?

The Book Club in Shoreditch will be hosting a spotlight Bloody Big Brunch, serving up stacks of Red Velvet 'period pancakes' garnished with tampon macaroons from Ohlala bakery. 15% profit from each dish will be donated to the #freeperiods campaign. Amika George will host and Jess Woodley of Made in Chelsea, Grace Victory, Grace Woodward and Tom Read Wilson will be attending. Find out more here. If you’ve no time for brunch (😢) simply make your pad donations here.

Cat Hepburn X Bloody Big Brunch Spoken Word Piece

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Why We Do It

Over a quarter of women and young girls in the UK have been affected by period poverty.

The average spend on tampons and towels is £4,800 over a lifetime, but those in financial difficulty often pay a much higher price. Unable to afford period products, women and girls resort to using old rags, toilet paper or newspapers as substitutes. This leads to 137,000 girls missing school each year, not to mention embarrassment and illness – the impact is huge.

Despite this, period products are still taxed as a non-essential luxury item in the UK. The Bloody Big Brunch uses an actual luxury - brunching with a Bloody Mary in hand – to raise awareness of this important issue and to help implement change.


We Have 3 Aims

1) To remove stigma around talking about menstruation. This is a topic that should never be off the table at brunch, in the workplace, in schools, on television. Let’s get bloody talking about it. Period.

2) For the UK government to follow Scotland’s lead and provide free period products to women in need and in schools, colleges and universities.

3) For it to become commonplace for businesses to offer staff and customers free period products in toilets in the same way they currently offer soap and toilet roll.


Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with Hey Girls, who believe that access to menstrual products is a right, not a privilege. They are a Scotland-based Social Enterprise with one clear goal: for every pack of Hey Girls sanitary products sold, a pack is given away to a girl or young woman in need in the UK.

Hey Girls pads are a no-leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly product. They’re made from sustainable natural bamboo and corn fibre and come in biodegradable wrapping and recyclable packaging. They also sell 100% organic cotton tampons, and re-usable pads and menstrual cups.

By partnering with Hey Girls, we can ensure that every brunch guest will automatically be doubling their donation, helping even more people in need. Hey Girls pads are available to buy from 228 Asda stores across the UK. The full range of products (including mooncups and tampons) is available to buy direct from www.heygirls.co.uk.


How do I get my guests to make the donation?

Guests can donate directly from Hey Girls here - just ask them to take a snap of their receipt when they pay. This means you don’t have to worry about where to take your donations, and their purchase will be automatically DOUBLED - meaning we can help even more people, and you can focus on pouring those banging Bloody Marys.

How will I distribute donations to the charities?

Ah, but you don’t have to! If you encourage your pals to buy through Hey Girls, they will not only double your donation but they will also distribute to the charities around the country. For any additional donations, we’ll have a handy list of places to take them on here soon.

What if I just want to go to a brunch?

We hear you, them poached eggs are hard to master! We’ll be sharing open brunches on Twitter over the next few weeks. Hosting your own? Let us know here or over social (@BloodyBigBrunch) and we’ll put the word out.

What should I serve at my brunch?

We’ve got some inspiration here, along with full recipes. But feel free to get creative - it’s your brunch after all!


Do you have Bloody Mary recipes?

Well, of course. Find our show-stopper Bloody/Virgin Mary recipe here. And the babes at Asda have all the ingredients ready for you to buy here - including stellar brunch inspo.


I’ve signed up but received nothing back from the site?

All information is now available on the site - you’ll find a guide to hosting here and everything you need to get started here.

Why have you chosen these particular charities?

We wanted to work with a range of charities who help people right throughout the UK – sometimes with different focuses, but ultimately with the same goal of ending period poverty. The people behind these charities and organisations have worked tirelessly for years in their communities making sure people who need access to menstrual products can have it. We salute them and we’re delighted to help them, help more people.


What if I don’t like alcohol but want to take part?

That’s fine! We’ll let you into a little secret – the alcohol isn’t even the point. The Bloody Marys are just a good way to bring people together to support this cause and make a difference.  So, we’ll also have recipes for Virgin Marys on the site too.


Is it not up to the UK government to make sure people have access to menstrual products?

Yes, we think it is. But so far, the UK government has failed to act. We applaud the Scottish Government for taking action and the Welsh Government for making great strides and we continue to urge the UK government to take action. But, until they do, we will brunch.

Got more questions? Want to get involved? Get in contact below.

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