bloody shocking Stats… It’s time for change

Last year, we read some shocking statistics on period poverty. We knew that we had to do something. That something became the Bloody Big Brunch. We began by travelling the country, hosting our own brunches to help raise awareness of the issue. We turned Bloody Marys into thousands of period products for those in need. But that still wasn’t enough, so we decided to commission research with Ginger Comms and Hey Girls UK, which revealed the problem is worse than we previously thought.

“1/4 of females are forced to miss either work or school”

It was revealed that period poverty has affected a staggering quarter of females, forcing them to miss either work or school. The research also shed light on how serious the issue is affecting females on a day to day basis. 68% of women have had to use makeshift period products such as rags, toilet paper or even newspaper. It is quite frankly shocking that anyone should have to resort to these methods, let alone 68% of females.


The problem affects people from all walks of life, and there is still a taboo around periods. That needs to change. It has been reported 90% of school girls have said they wouldn’t want to let their teacher know they’re on their period. As a society, this is bloody awful and we need to do better to support young girls who are going through a natural process in life – not make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.


It is time to step up, break the taboo of periods and help tackle the issue, one brunch at a time. This passion for change is shared across all genders and age groups. Almost 70% would like to see a positive shift in attitude about periods, 84% think that period products should be available for free in schools and colleges - and 89% of people think that distributing period products at school is as or more important than the distribution of condoms.

How you can help?

Do you want to help eradicate this problem? On Sunday 3rd March, we encourage everyone to do their bit to help make a difference to females all around the world, by hosting your own brunch for friends and family, from the comfort of your own home. But there’s a twist - your guests should pay for their drinks with period products. By purchasing from the Hey Girls range on, donations are automatically doubled and distributed to charities around the UK, including The Red Box Project, Bloody Good Period, Girlguiding Scotland, YWCA and Freedom4Girls,

To sign up and see how you can make an impact by hosting your own visit

How can I help without hosting?

Are you ready to join the movement against period poverty, but can’t host your own brunch on Sunday 3rd March? Don’t worry, if you’re as passionate about periods as we are, and you want to help the 3 in 10 women in the U.K. that are unable to afford menstrual products, there are still ways to get involved.

In London? Join us at The Book Club in Shoreditch

If you’re in London, The Book Club in Shoreditch will be hosting a spotlight, Bloody Big Brunch serving up stacks of Red Velvet 'period pancakes' garnished with tampon macaroons from Ohlala bakery. 15% profit from each dish will be donated to the #freeperiods campaign. Amika George will host and Jess Woodley of Made in Chelsea, Grace Victory, Grace Woodward and Tom Read Wilson of Celebs Go Dating will be attending. More details here:

A small donation goes a long way…

If you can’t host your own brunch (sad face), simply make your pad donations here:

These donations will make a huge difference to a girl or young woman in the U.K. Whether you choose to donate one or a few packs, Hey Girls will double your donation.