Hosting your own Bloody Big Brunch is simple - and it could help change lives. Follow the steps below to get started or drop us a message with any questions.

bloody mary recipe.jpg

Step one

Register your Bloody Big Brunch below and then download your host pack here.

Step two

Invite your friends, neighbours, co-workers…anyone you like using the invite templates in your pack.

Step three

Buy your ingredients. Our friends at Asda have a handy list of everything you need, ready to add straight to basket - including ultimate brunch cheats like cinnamon buns (we’ll have 50 packs please).

Step four

Mix your Bloody Marys – our top recipe is here.

Step five

Take payment in the form of period products. Tell your guests to pre-order here and we’ll take care of the logistics for you - plus Hey Girls will DOUBLE each donation.

Step six

Share your snaps with us on Twitter, Facebook and Insta – don’t forget to use #BloodyBigBrunch